Tuesday, March 2, 2010

sands of time...

Sands of time: This unique work of art has three strands of fresh water pearls, faceted glass beads in colors of sand, acrylic amber colored beads and an enameled heart pendant. The leather cord in the same color as the pearls give you many options for length. The earrings are sterling silver fish hooks.
This one of a kind piece and many others can be found at My etsy store, link to the right of this post.


  1. Oh! I likz this. It is very pretty. You make so many pretty things.

  2. It's beautiful! And I would like the name too, after all "Sands of Time" transports the mind... but there is a lousy book, a fiction about Ancient Egyptian royalty called The Sands of Time. I still taste blood in my mouth just by writing about it! :D

  3. ra: oopps sorry, I did not know about the book my friend when I named this piece, hopefully you can still enjoy the piece;)